The Empress Attraction Perfume Oil

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Alyssa Morales

I use this oil as a perfume and in rituals and self-love meditations. It smells and makes me feel sooooooo good!

🌷The Empress Attraction Oil🌷

Smell and feel like a goddess! Anyone familiar with the tarot knows that The Empress is the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy. She represents love, beauty, luxury, abundance and creation. The Empress = Mother Nature herself, harnessing the earthly elements to effortlessly magnetize & manifest her desires, simply by being & receiving.

This all-natural, spiritually charged oil can be used as a daily perfume or in rituals (to dress candles, crystals, jars, scripts/petition papers, altar tools, love letters & more) or added to a bath or an oil diffuser to invoke feelings of self-love. Self-love is the highest vibration of all, which emanates from your aura to attract more love, abundance, and positive manifestations into your life.

Scent: A sweet, sensual blend of flowers, citrus fruit and amber.

Charged with: Carnelian crystals, a proprietary blend of herbs, flowers & essential oils, and LOVING INTENT!

Use to invoke:
Feminine/attractive energy
Romantic love
Beauty, confidence & charm
Sacral & heart chakra activation and healing
Creativity/artistic inspiration
Wealth & prosperity
Strengthened aura
A general rise in vibration

*Special tip: use at the time of a new moon to boost your attraction power.